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Dreams to Haunt [Jan. 6th, 2009|01:28 pm]
The Warcraft Columnist



Eleanea was walking down a long, dark path. Yellow eyes glared at her from large, black bushes. There were hisses and roars she couldn't explain, but it didn't matter. She had somewhere to be, somewhere she couldn't possibly skip going to.
   Slowly and patiently did Eleanea walk down this path, her eyes set straight ahead. She strolled past a river and, when she spared herself a glance did she notice her hair was thin and lank and her eyes were a dull, muddy green. Turning away from the water, she quickened her pace, her heart beating uncomfortably in her throat. Black birds and beasts darted in and out of her path, clawing and pecking at her, but never quite meeting her skin. Her legs were starting to feel weak, and she broke into a full-on run. The sky looked as if it was simply a black and purple swirl, and there seemed to be two large fel-green eyes looking out from it.  
    "Have to get there," she muttered. "Have to." Soon, there was a nasty voice ringing in her head; No, no...Your prize is not there, little one...Oh no no no. It's long since gone.       
    "Liar!" she cried at the air. Now she was running so quickly it felt as if she was flying. She passed cemetaries and dead bodies hanging from trees, beasts that looked like mutants. Her heart felt like it was playing a rythym in her chest; thump, bump, thump, bump, thump, bump...Her hands were flaming, cold, cruel laughter in her head. Finally, however, she reached her destination. 
   She was standing in front of a tree. Nailed to it by his head was a man. He was ragged, blood trickling down his neck. His face was thin and pale, his eyelids drawn over his eyes. His black hair seemed to be turning slowly grayer as the minutes ticked by. His long robes her ripped and torn and bloody.
   Eleanea walked forward, hesitantly, and touched his face. His eyes flew open, but he said nothing for a few moments. He gazed at her sadly, a tear trickling down his face.
     "I'm sorry, Eleanea," Renais's corpse murmured. "I love you." His eyes closed once more, and he was still. Eleanea fell to the ground, sobbing.
     "No!" she shrieked. "No! No, please, no!" 

     Next thing she knew, she was kicking and screeching in her bed, her covers wrapped tightly around her. 
    "RENAIS!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "No, Renais! No! No! No!" Her bedroom door flew open, and Malendria rushed to her sister's side, attempting to restrain her. Eleanea collapsed on her sister's shoulder, crying and screaming incoherently. Malendria tried to shush her, comfort her...But there was nothing she could do. Finally, Eleanea wept and shrieked herself into sleep. Slowly, her sister lowered her onto her bed, covering her with her blankets. 
      Digging under Eleanea's bed, Malendria drew a vial filled with blue liquid from it and tipped it into her sleep sister's mouth, stroking her hair.
      "No more nightmares for tonight, dearest," she said softly, kissing Eleanea's brow gently. Glancing back at her one last time, Malendria exited the room and sighed, shaking her head.