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And So We Draw To The End [Jul. 4th, 2009|01:50 am]
The Warcraft Columnist


A scream of terror rang through the Dawnsky home. Lights were going on, and feet ran down the long, dark hallway leading to the bedroom at the end. The door was flung open to reveal a black-haired woman half-hanging out of the large window, tears running thick and fast. She just screamed one word, over and over again.

"Eleanea! Eleanea!" the woman shrieked, every syllable dripping with pain and horror. A red-haired woman ran into the room, as well, to stand next to her shouting sister.

"Malendria, what's---" But Athela didn't need to finish. Laying on the ground, beneath the tall window, was a white figure. It was a young woman, with long, auburn hair and wearing a shimmering gossamer dress. Her hair was spread out around her pale face, which had a look of bliss upon it. However, dark crimson soaked the cobblestones she lay on.

"Light," Athela whispered. "Oh, no...Eleanea!"


What life had been like for Eleanea before the dark curtain was drawn back over her face was all a blur. She remembered those important in her life -- her family, Anoralei, Kelazuri, Trell, Jandercia, Casim, Ladran -- but one person in particular stuck out; Renais. And that's who occupied her mind for the months she had been gone away from those who cared about her. She thought about him so much that, eventually, her mind shattered. Everything she saw was gray, and life didn't truly feel like it was worth living.

She had cut her hair
in a jagged, unappealing way; it was short and choppy, as she had just used a kitchen knife. She secluded herself, hardly ever leaving her bedroom and just conjuring very small amounts of food and water for herself, just enough to keep herself alive. She had been in denial that Renais was even dead, writing letters to him and then burning them, throwing the ashes out of her window in hopes that the words would get to him. Her family was at a loss at what to do, but truly, there wasn't much they could do.

Eleanea started to not feed herself two weeks before she fell from the window. She sat at her piano for hours on end, playing the lullaby she had written for Renais over and over again.
 However, some of her old self was still there, at times. She would play with Anoralei, or else make sure someone was there to take care of her. That was all she retained -- the intense love she held for her daughter, Renais's daughter, and the urgent need to make sure she was well-cared for. That was all she had to live for, and the only thing that mattered to her.

But soon, it was too much. All she heard in her head, most of the time, was Renais's voice, simply conversing with her. Sometimes they would argue when Eleanea was thinking about what she could do to take the pain away. He would scold her and tell her not to think about that; and then he would wrap his arms around her and hold her to him, murmuring words of comfort. She would spin around her room, thinking she was dancing with him. But when she opened her eyes, no one was there.

And then, one cool, breezy night, Eleanea heard Renais calling to her from across Eversong Woods. She smiled, slid out of bed, and walked to the window, sticking her head out into the darkness. She was amaciated, and her blood was already starting to slow and cool. It was only a matter of time before she would be with him; why not make it sooner? 

Stepping up onto the windowsill, Eleanea spread her arms out, the wind picking up fast. It blew her hair -- which was now nearly to her hamstrings -- behind her head. Her long-sleeved gown shimmered in the moonlight, and she closed her eyes, smiling. She reached her arms out to the tree next to her bedroom window and took enough leaves to make a crown, which she did, and placed it on her head. She wound more leaves into her hair and looked up at the starry sky, breathing in the fragrant night air deeply.

She took a small step forward on the wide windowsill and, without a second thought, leapt from it. She felt like she was flying through the air, which was wooshing past her. She just smiled as she fell in what felt like an eternity. Renais was calling to her, his voice getting louder and louder as she got closer to the ground.

And when she hit the cobblestones, she cried out -- not in pain, no, but in joy; indestructible, beautiful joy. The back of her head was becoming warm and wet, but she just laughed and let her eyes flutter open and closed until, finally, all was black. All was peaceful. All was wonderful.

"I'm coming, darling," were her last words, spoken in a fervent and adoring whisper. A few seconds later, her soul left her body and went to join her beloved's, because that was what she had wanted all along, and what she had needed. She wasn't going to be truly happy without him...And now that she was with him, everything was perfect. For once, she felt at peace, because death was the only thing that could bring that to her.

She died for love,
She died for need,
She died for him,
She died for nothing.

She flew through the air like a dove
Just as she always wanted
She found no peace in the world of earthly things
She found no joy in material possessions
She no longer found happiness among her friends
So she found the one solution that was best

Eleanea Dawnsky, rest in peace
Angel in white
Eleanea Dawnsky, it was before your time

But no more dreams of darkness will enter your mind
So sleep softly, sweet Eleanea,
And join your darling man.