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The Warcraft Columnist

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I Didn't Love You [Jan. 3rd, 2009|08:01 pm]
The Warcraft Columnist

Eleanea furled her fingers in the fur of the windrider she was riding, glaring straight ahead. Her temples were throbbing, her hands shaking. Why couldn't Kelazuri simply leave her be?
   She had broken it off with him after one of his many attempts to get her to share his bed. He retaliated by calling her foul names, constantly taunting her about Renais, claiming she had 'played him.' She snapped back, though her insults were far more sarcastic, icy. She laughed with each curse word Kelazuri threw at her, every time he made a jibe at her honesty. She wouldn't allow someone as pathetic as him to get under her skin. He could flirt and sleep with and kiss other women all he wanted, now -- she was sure he would be much happier without her.
   "If someone calls you a bitch for not sleeping with them, could they really love you?" she pondered aloud. The windrider glanced back at her and shook his head, letting out a low sigh. She frowned at the back of his large head and fell silent, contemplating her route through Northrend. She would have to draw it out on the map.
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Eleanea's New Song -- Wishing You Were Here With Me [Jan. 2nd, 2009|07:11 pm]
The Warcraft Columnist


Eleanea sat in front of a desk, a map of Northrend to her right, an open journal in front of her. She raised her feathered quill and began to write. It felt odd to pen lyrics and musical notes after so long, but so, so refreshing.

You were once my dearest friend, my love,
You were all that mattered,
Then suddenly my perfect world was shattered.

Sometimes if I just dream,
I can hear your voice
And feel your warmth circle me.
Sculpted hearts and ringing bells
No longer mean anything.

Wishing you could hold me again
But simple dreams of you won't help me to do
All that you knew I could.
Cold gray skies and harsh winds
Seem so much like that wrong companions for you
When I think of your voice whispering to me.

You were once my truest companion, my one love,
Too long have I held back tears,
Give me the strength to fly again,
For  there will be no more gazing at hopeless fears.
I'm coming for you, my darling...
Please keep breathing until I'm there.

If you shall die, then let it be in my arms,

So I may hope to press my lips to yours again,
So I can hold you one last time.
I'm just wishing that I can hear your voice again,
Just wishing that you were here...
Then, perhaps, this world would make sense.

You're more beautiful than the sun
And the stars
And the moon,
But why can't memories just die?
Oh, my dearest, wishing you were here
So I won't have to say goodbye.

As soon as Eleanea finished writing the lyrics, she ran to her piano. She knew exactly how the music would sound. Her fingers sat familiarly on the keys, and she began to play, closing her eyes. It was almost like a dirge -- slow, somber. But in the back, there were some...hopeful sounding notes -- if that was possible. Her voice wasn't exactly sweet...But it was beautiful and high and clear. (( Like Emmy Rossum's voice in the Phantom of the Opera. ))  It felt so right, playing music. It made her forget all that she had done wrong, all the scoldings from the past days...It made her feel like her old self. As she played, however, tears started to fall on the faded white keys.
  "So I won't have to say goodbye," she sang quietly. She finished the music with a compliation of slowly played notes before lifting her pale fingers from the keys. She gazed outside the window in her bedroom, watching the birds dart in and out of the trees. Slowly, Eleanea turned back to the piano and drew the covering over the keys. She laid her head down on it, weeping silently.

(( I actually wrote up music for this song -- I'm really pleased with how it came out. Sounds just like how I imagined it. :D Also...Emmy Rossum! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6QYCS8SQts&feature=related ))
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The Difference Between Right and Wrong [Jan. 1st, 2009|07:38 pm]
The Warcraft Columnist

(( Taking Trell's advice and saying whatever I want. <.< ))

Eleanea lay in a dark room in the upstairs of the Wayfarer's Tavern. She could hear the din of the patrons downstairs, the loud music playing and the singing. If she glanced out the window, by the pitch-black sky she could tell that it was nearly midnight. As the minutes ticked by, the crowd was getting steadily louder and rowdier. She could hear cheer as fireworks exploded in the sky, looking rather like stars as the colors and ashes danced against the velvety black. Doing her best to ignore them, she shut her eyes tightly, allowing her thoughts to race.

Was being with Kelazuri wrong? She had written Renais earlier that day in attempt to get in touch with them. She knew very well that it was most likely in vain, but she couldn't -- wouldn't -- give up hope. He ruled her thoughts night and day. She constantly fiddled with her engagement ring, but at the same time, she was kissing a different man. No, something was definitely wrong with this picture. She didn't love Kelazuri. Was she simply looking for someone to fill the empty hole that Renais had left, after his disappearance? Trell said he was in Northrend...How was she to get there? She had wasted months of fruitless searching in the completely wrong places...And Northrend was a big place. How was she to tell which part of it he was in? 

Eleanea rolled over to gaze outside the window and watched the bright fireworks, listening to the cheers of the people outside and within the tavern. People were starting to count down...
"5...4..3...2...1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" There were shouts of excitement, howls and cheers. She closed her eyes again, furling her fingers in the dark purple blankets. She didn't love Kelazuri. Surely, she liked him, but not love. Not even close. She longed for the welcoming arms of Renais, to see his handsome face, to hear his comforting words. A few tears leaked out from her shut eyelids and, slowly, silently, she fell asleep, Renais's face swimming before her as she dreamt.
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